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Uniting Through Multiculturalism


Dr. Ballengee-Morris has a mountain of accomplishments in her distinguished career as an art educator, researcher, author, editor, speaker, performing artist, professor and Ohio State University administrator. Her Native American heritage helped shape who she is as a person and influenced her to create the first academic minor in American Indian Studies and to seek the founding director’s role at Ohio State’s Multicultural Center.  Her unique ability to bridge student, administrative, and community populations will stand out as a lasting legacy.

"It took a while. It took five years to get everybody to that place of understanding."

Christine Ballengee-Morris
Founding Director of the Student Life Multicultural Center

"Christine is a trailblazer in so many senses of the word. She's a scholar from her tribal heritage as an Eastern Band Cherokee member...she had a huge hand in shaping the American Indian Studies program...she also is a courageous Native American activist."

Daniel Rivers
Program Director of American Indian Studies