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The OSU34


In the 1960s, African American students at Ohio State formed the Black Student Union (BSU) to address concerns over the quality of life black students experienced on campus. In April 1968, after an incident in which four black female students were removed off a campus bus by police, the BSU met with university administrators to discuss the incident as well as discriminatory housing practices and the lack of black faculty and course content at the university.

That meeting and the events that followed would forever change the lives of 34 students and the university.

"We go into the administration building to try to talk about the situation and we were told, oh the police didn't do anything the meeting is over. And I basically said, the meeting wasn't over until we said it was over."

John Sidney Evans '70
Former Member, Ohio State Black Student Union

"I was really upset about being expelled from school, and I didn't want to switch to go to another institution. I really wanted to go to Ohio State. I'm going back to Ohio State, I can't be defeated."

LaQuita Henry '71
Former Member, Ohio State Black Student Union