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Deborah Ballam: Co-founder of The Women's Place


With more than 30 years of dedicated service to The Ohio State University, Dr. Deborah A. Ballam, former associate provost for Women’s Policy Initiatives and director of The Women’s Place, has enhanced the lives of countless Buckeyes in the classroom and beyond – leading efforts to improve gender equity and inspiring positive change.

"We decided if we’re going to change the culture, we need different types of leaders. We need leaders who have emotional intelligence. Leaders who can not dictate but gather the wisdom of the group. Leaders who can create respectful, civil environments."

Deborah Ballam
Former Director of The Women's Place

"Those of us who know her and were impacted by her, we’re going to remember her as a warrior ...  someone who had a lot of courage and had a lot of compassion, and saw in others the opportunity to grow and be different.

Tom Gregoire
Dean, College of Social Work