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The Carmen Collection spotlights members of Buckeye Nation who have shaped The Ohio State University throughout its history but whose stories have been lost or too seldom told over the years. Told to the best of our knowledge, these stories add a richness both to our university’s official record and to our collective consciousness as Buckeyes.

“The Carmen Collection advances our mission to be a model of inclusive excellence through the uncovering and exploration of untold stories of Buckeyes who forged a path in Ohio State’s history and helped shape who we are today.”

James L. Moore III PhD
Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer
Project Origins

The Carmen Collection was conceived of as part of The Ohio State University’s sesquicentennial, a yearlong celebration of all that Buckeyes are, all that we have accomplished in the university’s 150 years, and all that is yet to come. History, however, is often written from a limited vantage point. The sesquicentennial is an occasion to shine a light on the voices and perspectives of underrepresented Buckeyes and ingrain them in the communal knowledge of The Ohio State University. By doing so, the Carmen Collection elevates our sesquicentennial into celebrating the many dimensions of Buckeye Nation, and the beautiful diversity that makes
us strong.

Collecting the Stories

The stories featured in the Carmen Collection were uncovered through research in The Ohio State University Archives. Student interns on the project team explored publications, documents, images and artifacts to identify people’s experiences and events that speak to particular times in the university’s history. These story “leads” were then produced into stories ranging from written articles to short videos. Because resources are finite, not every story could be told; however, the project team took great care to ensure the collection includes a broad range of voices, interests and viewpoints.

In addition to being featured prominently in the university’s sesquicentennial, the Carmen Collection stories will be preserved permanently in the University Archives to ensure their ongoing availability for continued research.

“Hopefully students will see a story that inspires them to pursue a goal that they previously held doubt about or become an agent for change in a part of the university that needs growth. We want students to believe that their unique experiences matter and that the university grows and develops with them mutually.”

Ginette Rhodes
Student Archivist

The Carmen Collection is the product of partnerships with:

Dr. James Moore, III
Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officer
Damon Jaggars
Vice Provost and Director, University Libraries
D’ Andra Mull
Associate Vice President for Student Life, Dean of Students

Women & Philanthropy
Office of Advancement
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Office of the President
Office of Student Life
University Libraries